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Nowomowa i dwójmyślenie

dblthink -- Newspeak and Doublethink Homepage

Bastion wiedzy opiera się na trzech filarach: historii, językach i matematyce. Wyposażony w te trzy rzeczy możesz nauczyć się czegokolwiek chcesz. Lecz jeśli któegoś ci brakuje, jesteś kolejnym ciemnym prostakiem w zagnojonych gumofilcach.

Robert A. Heinlein

Newspeak & Doublethink Homepage (MIRROR) This is a mirror of a website long gone.

This is a mirror of a website long gone. The previous adresses were:

Strona od dawna już nie istnieje. Jej zawartość szczęśliwie zawczasu zachowałem.

This is content of a web document which has been removed from the Internet long time ago. I hope that's what you were looking for. Please save contents and pass it on.

Whoever has the rest of the Newspeak and Doublethink Homepage” , please mail it to me ASAP. Thank you.

Newspeak and Doublethink Homepage

„Knowledge brings trust.
Trust will bring peace.
Peace brings prosperity.
Prosperity brings apathy.
Apathy reduces knowledge.” –– AF

Newspeak and Doublethink Homepage

George Orwell Was Right See 1984 Cover Art from a 1953 Paperback Modern English Is Devolving Political Correctness Improves On Newspeak Affirmative Auction Was A Success Doublethink Is Thriving The Virtual Soapbox Has Someone Speaking Freely In Public The Government Must Be Put Under Surveillance When You Hang Up Your Telephone, Is The Microphone Turned Off? Continue On To The Newspeak And Doublethink Second Page Participate In Writing A New Novel. Visit Room 101 Visit The WAR Page Which Lists Wars Since 1948 And Then Read The List Of US Presidents And Their Death-Tolls The Ninth Amendment Homepage celebrates freedom. Read Predictions Of How The Future Will Bring A Better World Fiction This homepage discusses a book of fiction,Nineteen Eighty-Four and, (warning) it also has other fiction included. Your favorite organization may be criticized in fiction or otherwise.

––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – George Orwell Was Right !
The book Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is one which you should read. The totalitarian governments which are depicted, and the socialstraight-jackets which were manufactured, resemble today'sworld situation in many ways.
Big Brother, Uncle Joe Stalin, Uncle Sam, Mother Russia, the Motherland, The Great Communicator, and many other nicknames are used with affection and with power.The welfare state, centralized planning, the unemployment office, Universal Health Care, team players, and mob reactions are allmanifestations of the desire by many people to fit in and to be secure. These herd reactions can be practical in an overpopulated world, but they can diminish the quality of life, as Orwell described. The population explosion is making people desperate enough to acceptall kinds of indignities to fit in the mold of the beetle-likeworker mentioned in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Today's television indoctrination to theviolent culture helps people become police and soldiers withoutconscience.

Mass murder by governments happen every year now.
People expect us to make war every year, several times a year. A year without war is so rare that leaders who do not kill enough people are considered weak and inexperienced. We do not defend our borders any more, we defend the borders of our rivals, trading the roles of enemy and ally, as in Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Is Eurasia our ally in 1997? Is Eastasia our enemy? Yes. That will change someday. One day China is our biggest trading partner and the next day we aresending naval task forces to the Taiwan area to defend against The People's Republic. As George Orwellsaid, we must have an enemy to unify our people to work together. And by changing alliances every few years, the government maintains the power to direct hatred in various directions with flexibility. Iran, Iraq, China, the Soviet Union, Russia, Panama, Lebanon, Colombia, France, Argentina, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Nicuragua, Somalia, Uganda, South Africa, England, Ireland, Libya, Cambodia, Laos, Mexico : our enemies can change rapidly into frenz and vice-versa.

Modern English Is Devolving Newspeak,
in Orwell's book, is a new form of English in which the vocabularywas being gradually reduced in power. Words that are inoffensive and inarticulate are being foisted on us as the correct way to speak. Newspeak is the deliberate use of words that are ambiguous or deceptive in an attempt to control public opinion. Affirmative action is one example. Affirmative things can only be good.How can one criticize a good thing? Action can be goodtoo. Affirmative action is „plus-good” . Racial discrimination is bad. Askingabout a person's race is racist unless it is the government asking.If you do not answer government questions about your race, you can be arrested, fined, or denied employment. Minorities are given special treatment this year, unless you are a male (there are fewer males thanfemales, therefore, males are a minority).
Newspeak has some new words from recent years. Take Ms. for instance.The word is pronounced mizz. This is the only word I know of which has an abbreviation which is longer than its spelling. (Ms. is longer than Ms).It is the only word with no vowels (unless you think Y is a consonant). Womyns' liberashun takes the liberty of making up a new word that follows no rules. RIGHT ON! (And I love the word „Mrs.” , the abbreviation for a word spelled mistress and pronounced missez). Male liberation groups should follow their lead andmake up new words. I will now make up a new word: hur. It can mean him or her. LikeBen Hur, it can be a man's name. As a homonym and synonym for her, it can refer to a woman. It will replace his, which also has been used for men and women. Hur is used in the text of the pages that follow. Computer programmers write „killer applications” if they are good enough.
People born in America arenot „native americans” , they are nothing. Native american indians deservesovereign reservations for all eternity, people of other races deserve nothing. How many native american indians are there in North America? About 80 million. Do you doubt that? Do you think Mexicans are not descendants of indians? Do latinos have indian blood? Are hispanics from Spain? Or are hispanics descendants of native american indians? You answer that one. The point is that Newspeak is alive today and has been used to divide people into smaller groups and to minimizethe apparent number of descendants in a major population group.

There was another time in American History when the language was deliberately changed. That was after the Revolutionary War when some of the founding mothers got together and made the spellings be morelogical. Words like theatre and civilisation had their spellings changed. That is not as radical a change as we are seeing today, when, not just thespellings are changed, but their meanings are changed to flag derogatory verbage. The War Against Iraq was called the gulf war to obscure the truth. How many people died in the Persian Gulf? How many died in Iraq? Then why was it called the gulf war? It is a propaganda ploy to avoid clarity andarticulation. It obscures the targets of mass murders in Iraq, and triesto move the focus of the conflict into a body of water near oil fields that saw little action. This is typical of American war-mongers, some of whom still claim that there was no war in Vietnam: they call it a police action. These newspeakers say that if Congrefs did not declare war, it is not a war.
To oppose the 1997 Newspeak is a difficult task, but why oppose it? Go with the flow. Add to the changing language. Use the old words tobring the censors into the spotlight. Then label it as Newspeak. Political Correctness Improves on Newspeak Newspeak is being implemented by self-appointed censors in conversations.If one uses a word like „bum” one may be criticized by one of these informal censors.
If you pronounce a word aks, but it is spelled ask, and someone tries to correct you, then you may correct them for their ignorance. A subtle form of newspeak is the use of Questions. You may often observe an argument in which one person proposes something and another uses onlyquestions. The questioner is afraid to make a point but wants to destroy a point. The questioner wants to use power and can only justify questions that imply answers. Is your son getting a divorce? Are liberals communists? Have your ever lied? These types of questions are thrown at people who are being constructive to entangle them in side issues. Newspeak is away of reducing peoples' powers.

Doublethink is Thriving
Doublethink is a term Orwell used to describe the ability to believe two contradictory ideas without feeling confused. Doublethink is perverted thinking that reverses the truth tomake it more acceptable. Affirmative Action requires doublethink to be affective. Because some people were discriminated againstbecause of their races, a remedy was devised to help those people : discriminate against people of different races. Doublethink abilitiesare used to reconcile this obvious illogic. You need to be contentwith the wise government plan and the fact that if you do not get hired,you will never be told it was because of your race. Just turn off yourintelligence, pretend you are not a victim of Affirmative Racism, andtry again. Maybe there will be a more advantageous racial mix inthe next job you apply for.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.
These are thethree pillars of Doublethink. Are these in evidence today? Yes. Peacekeepers carry guns in Bosnia. They are sitting ducks delivering their quack message : Do Not Dare Kill Us, We Are Apostles of Peace. Anyone who shoots a Peacekeeper, will be bombed, strafed, napalmed, teargassed, and otherwise murdered. Peace is good, war is good. Freedom is Slavery. Liberty is something most people are afraid to use. The freedom of speechis illegal in courts. A person who acts freely and speaks freely is someonewho is ostracized, feared, and sent packing. The slogan „Freedom is Slavery„was written on tall buildings in Airstrip One so that people would knownot to use freedom. (I assume you have read Nineteen Eighty-Four).
Freedom leads to poverty and low social standing. Muchmore practical than freedom are team spirit, concensus, and a willingnessto give up ambition in favor of having a safe place in the social structure.Slavery is bad and freedom is bad.

The Martin Luther King Holiday is celebrated by the select few. Anexercise in Doublethink is required to justify the choices of who gets a day off.Since the holiday was established to celebrate the birthday of this courageousleader, the author of this web-page has never gotten a day off from work. The large corporations that employ so many people do not give a day off. Hundreds of thousands of State Employees get a day off with pay! What kind of insanity is this? The opponents of Dr. King were State Employees. MississippiState Officials, harrassed and clubbed Martin King's followers. Alabama State employees committed crimes against black people, sent dogs to bite freedommarchers. They arrested and tear-gassed American cittizens who wanted to eat at restaurants, ride busses, attend schools, and vote.

State employees were the criminals who, for hundreds of years, oppressed people of Martin Lther King's race. Now, it is the State Employee who gets a day off during the birthday ofthe greatest orator in American History. Why? Only Doublethink canexplain this obsurdity: Reward the criminals because they reduced their crimes. Jury duty is a form of slavery. When you show up at the court, armed guards threaten you with tangible punishment for even speaking. They pay jurors about $5 per day, not enough to buy food. If you break their rules, you will be arrested.If you do not want to be arrested, they shoot to kill. If you use freedom of speech, you will be shouted down and handcuffed. Jurors are chosen anddismissed by attorneys and judges depending on illogical criteria :sometimes they try to assemble the least educated people available, of certain races and genders that they expect to behave in predetermined ways, based on bigotry and stereotypes. The goal is to punish SOMEBODY, even innocent people. There is no justice in court, just punishment.

Ignorance Is Strength.

Being strong is double-plus-good. Strong people can endure hardships and affronts without complaint. If one does not know about a crime committed by the government, there is nothing to complain about. If nuclear weapons have not destroyed womynkind yet, then one shouldnot complain about them. After nuclear weapons destroy womynkind, you are then justified if you try to complain. ( Did you ever notice that somepeople pronounce nuclear „nucular” ? It worries me that military generalswith their fingers on the button are too stupid to pronounce nuclearcorrectly). Terrorists vs. Freedom Fighters : Doublethink is convenient when classifyingpeople into one of these groups. Those evil terrorists who attack your friends are very different from freedom fighters who kill imperialisticinvaders. The most important factor in making the distinction between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is where YOU were born. Julia of the Year, 1997! (Ana-Alicia, actress) In George's book, the Anti-Sex League has its members wear a tight red sash around their wastes, even though this accentuates the female figureto arouse male desires. In 1997 it is a „thoughtcrime” to „undress with the eyes” . When I was working at a major semiconductor company in silicon valley in 1993, the employees received a paper about „Sexual Harassment” in which „undressing with the eyes” is a crime. (When a man looks at awomyn's body with lust and imagines the beauty under the garments, this is„undressing a womyn with the eyes” ). This is called „facecrime” in Newspeak.

Affirmative Auction Was A Success As planned, the Affirmative Auction was held on November 4, 1996. Over 100 people attended. Not all of the items were sold. The bidders filled outquestionaires when they entered the War Memorial Stadium in Wailuku. Thequestions concerned racial and ethnic facts and also requested thatbidders optionally indicate their genders. People of all backgrounds wereeligible to bid, but actual sales were made only to people who had filledout the cards. When all bids had been received, a computer then examinedthe questionaire results to determine who would be sold the item. Sometimes,the purchaser was not the one who had bid the most money. In one case, a bidder spent one dollar for a computer worth over two hundred dollars! The Military Tradition Is A Form Of Insanity It is important to teach your children the important things in life, likehow good the military is. In Iraq, children are taught about the nice military.In Russia children learn about patriotic glory that can come from militaryservice. To give your will, your mind, your morality over to a leaderis an obvious way to obtain praise. To follow orders, to kill on command, to be willing to push the „button” that starts global suicide, is normal and common. Military leaders who can order nuclear destruction cannot evenpronounce the word „nuclear” . The USA's General Norman Schwartzkoff pronounces it „nucular” . That ignorant murderer is held in high regard, for some reason.It took brilliant scientists hundreds of years to perfect our understanding of nuclear physics, but it will only take one moment of stupidity from that military dim-wit to detonate „nucular weapons” . General Colon „Anus” Powell is also held in high regard, is even consideredas top presidential material. Why? Because he has killed thousands of people successfully. Their combined brainpower will never bring usone second closer to energy self-sufficiency.

Patriots are proud and adamant even though every countryhas patriots. Patriotism is a cheap and meaningless thing, a productof the herd mentality. An ant colony has patriots who will defendits ant-hill against other ants from other hills. It is a mindlesstradition which brings tyrants to power and causes wars.Hitler, Tojo, Bush, Stalin, Washington, Thatcher, Lincoln, Johnson, Hirihito, Khan, Alexander, Napoleon, Caesar, Nebuchadnezar, Senacharib, and Mussolini : all had willing followers. The followers enabled theattrocities the leaders ordered. Their most effective followers arestupid young men and womyn. Anger iscontageous, insanity is invisible. Learning insane obediance is easierthan thinking for yourself. You are only following orders. (At the Nuremburg Trials the phrase „Ve Ver only followink orders” was heard several times). People who join the military are responsible for the crimes they are ordered to commit. They hope they will not get killed and they may get lucky and not be involved in combat. But they give up their free will to proven murderers and war criminals, and by doing so they are guilty of the same crimes as the leaders. The draft is slavery. Draft registration is slave registration. They pick on young men to draft because older men are wiser and more influential. Drafting older men would bring knowledgeable people to the organization and all the skills that that knowledge can provide. Scientists and engineers could be drafted in their 30's. But the problem is that those people have political clout, and the politicians would risk their re-elections by enraging those people.

––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Winston Smith of the Year, 1997! (Michael Harte, actor) ––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The Government Must Be Put Under Surveillance

Observe and record the government's crimes. Get laws passed to allow cameras and microphones in the courtrooms, in the Congrefs, and in the Kremlin. The higher ranking the government official, the moresurveillance. The president of the USA should have a video camera in theoval office and one that is brought wherever she goes. When You Hang Up Your Phone, Is The Microphone Turned Off ? The „Telescreen” in Nineteen Eighty-Four was a two way system : you watch TV and TV watches you. In America today there is bug in every home : YOUR TELEPHONE ! When youhang up your phone you assume that the microphone is turned off, right?You are so naive, gullible, and trusting. The speaker stops making thathissing and popping sound when you hang up, but a microphone never makes a sound. When you pick up the phone you never knowif the microphone is working unless the person on the other end tells you itis or isn't. When you hang up the phone, nobody tells you anything.
Try the following test : Connect an oscilloscope to the 2 wires that leave your phone. Hang up the phone and speak into the microphone. The oscilloscope will provethat your voice IS being sent out over the wires! I modified my phone so a switch disconnects the microphone when I hang up. Also, the speaker is disconnected because it also detects sound and sends electrical signals into the public domain.

Drug Testing For Employment Is Preparing The Sheepish For Market The US Constitution has the Ninth Amendment to make it clear that people have rights that are not in the Constitution. The right to privacy is one such right. Drug testing before employment is bigotry. You are presumed guilty of crimes unless you kiss ass. Alcoholics and cigarette smokers have theworst drug problems in the world, by far. But these are not the targets ofthe testing. The testing is not intended to solve major problems, it is thereso you will grovel at a level sufficiently low so that you will never rise in dignity again. You abase yourself when you piss on command, to be judged bya machine, and condemned or approved by a stranger who may be an alcoholicaddict or cigarette smoking „negligent arsonist in training” . People who demand such pre-employment screening are low-level human scum who are promoting totalitarian govenments. People who submit to the indignity of pissing in front of a security pighave sheep-like characteristics : cowardliness, weakness, herd mentality,stupidity, insecurity, desperation, and a trust of butchers. After you have passed the test, you have been prepared for the mutton market. They own you.You have given up your privacy, dignity, self respect, and respectability in the name of money. But you had little choice.

A totalitarian and comprehensive effort by businesses, to do what governments cannot do, issucceeding in cowing the populace into submission, like nazi Germanycowed its team players. You were only following orders. You were notarrested or executed, but someday you may become a pig or an executioner yourself, with all the perks and power that entails : you could demandthat new employees kiss your ass the way you puckered up to the fascists.Even better, you can improve the culture by demanding DAILY urine tests.If you become a manager someday, you can improvise even more hoops forsheep to jump through : a pledge of allegiance 300 times per year, a flagkissing ceremony, blood donations, organ donor requirements, or politicaldonations to the republican guard war chest. In the book Nineteen Eighty-Four, a visionof a „boot stepping on a face forever” is used as a symbol of the totalitarian governments' goal : the total destruction of individuality in favor of an all-powerful group. America has lost the drug war. It is time to try a drug strategy that is effective. The current government approved drugs, alcohol and tobacco, are the most destructive drugs. The government should develop new drugs that are safer than alcohol and tobacco, but whichdeliver a kick that will delight users. It should not be a smoked drug because that causes lung damage.

The „Soma” in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World can serve asa prototype. It is a pill that people can legally eat to go on a Soma Holiday. In smalldoses, it delivers pleasure and relaxation. It can enhance conversational ease and social interaction. In large doses, it provides dreams, hallucinations, and ecstasy. In the largestdoses, it would reveal magical visions and enable illusions of god-like powers, similar to those delivered by LSD. It would notdamage the liver or the brain. It would have an antidote that could be administered in case the user wants to decrease the effects. More than one new drug should be developed.
A stimulantis also desired by many people, in addition to the hallucinogen, described above.The government of the USA should begin research on thesemiracle drugs and make contracts with private pharmaceutical companies to do independentresearch. The results would be far better than the sadistic tactics used by thealcoholic government now in power. Drivers who are drunk are far more dangerous than drivers who are stoned on pot. That is a fact. Alcohol causes more suffering in one year than all illegal drugs cause in a century. (The author of this web-page does not take anydrugs and has never submitted to a drug test. The author did get a waiver for a drug test, so that Microchip Technology Incorporated of Chandler, Arizona could benefit from the author's engineering talents.In this way, that chip-maker would not insult the author with its usual urine test, which he absolutely refused to take). Creeping totalitarian government expansions and a reduction in privacyare now proven facts of history. Use your mind and spirit to halt theirperverted expansion. Use liberties, speak freely, refuse totalitarian andmilitaristic demands. Denounce government crimes. Live your life in peaceand freedom. In a few thousand years, the insanity will wane somewhat, and you will have contributed to a better world, free of militaristicinsanity, and the governments' legal crimes.
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Not Copyrighted The writings on the 37 pages of the Newspeak and Doublethink Homepage are not copyrighted. Please feel free to copy the essays, distribute them freely, with or without due credit to the author. Quote me, misquote me, take my words out of context, and please plagiarize these words without guilt. ––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – |
TRUST. Trust will bring peace.
„Knowledge brings trust.
Trust will bring peace.
Peace brings prosperity.
Prosperity brings apathy.
Apathy reduces knowledge.” AF ––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
This page was updated on December 24, 1997 by Me, your virtual Goldstein since August 19, 1995.

Newspeak and Doublethink Second Page

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Newspeak Dictionary (Abridged Version)
Superpower : You define it, you restrict it to your favorite countries.
Census : Questions which MUST be answered, or you are a criminal.
New World Order : Same as the old order, „Kill your enemies” .
Collateral Damage : When good bombs fall, living material is rearranged.
All But : Used to imply „all” , example : the lake all but dried up.
Terrorist Attack : When bad bombs explode, innocent victims suffer.
Tear Gas : Chemical weapon that is prefered to lead projectiles in some cases.
Left and Right Wings : Terms that limit the range of expression when discussing issues.
Peacekeeper : A soldier who will never become a warmaker unless ordered to.
Significant Other : An unnamed human of unnamed gender who is un-insignificant.
Waitperson : A servant of a gender which is unmentionable.
Patriot : Bigot (see discussion, next)

The following entry in the Dictionary is from an anonymous contributor who will be called Contributor C:
„A totalitarian state thrives on propaganda, and there is no more effective way to limit thought than to control the language itself. By changing definitions of words through continual association, any serious discussion involving the concepts that the words represents becomes hopelessly muddled. A fine example of this in found in the latest edition of Roget's Thesaurus. bigot NOUNS racist, racial supremacist, white or black supremacist; chauvinist, ultranationalist, jingo, superpatriot. patriot NOUNS nationalist; ultranationalist; chauvinist, chauvin, jingo, jingoist, patrioteer, flag waver, superpatriot, hard hat, hundred-percenter, hundred-percent American, hawk Incredibly, I have heard” (from an unverified contributor) „that the new Websters dictionary makes the exact same connection: that a patriot is BY DEFINITION a bigot. Notice that there is not a single flattering expression for the word patriot; the term seems to be equated with a „chauvinist hawk, a flag-waving superpatriot bigot.” The contemporary media, immediately after the double explosion at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma, began a campaign to slight the militia and patriotic organizations. One propaganda tactic was to draw a thin line that connected certain militia members with bigotry; the groundwork was ripe for this official update to the English language. A full assessment of these two books is in order.”
That is the end of the words from Contributor C

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Data from observing the USA government. The government is under surveillance!! Yahoo!!! NetSurfer Central has some related links in its Government and Law section. Read about thought police in San Jose falsifying tapes to entrap „innocent” folks. A future computer game called BIG BROTHER is being planned for 1998! Read excerpts from chapter one of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four!!!!!!! You can purchase a book from Penguin Books in the UK called Nineteen Eighty-Four for 6 Pounds Sterling. It is not on the web, so either buy the book or borrow it from a library. It is easy reading, and not very long. Fabricated from real paper! Here is a scholarly paper on Nineteen Eighty-Four and how it is related to America, the Super-Power that rules Oceania and Air-Strip One. Here is a Windows executable plus help file in Zip format. The program, called NewSpeak, is from The Thinking Man's Minefield, contributed by Kevin. It automatically edits your writing to make it fashionable and politically correct. It includes the comprehensive „Thinking Man's Reference of Politically Correct Terms” . Nonviolence International These people are serious. The military is under surveillance. Here is the dirt. Utopian books can be found here, with the full text. Biased media reporting is described here with thousands of links. Some people are working to free prisoners who committed Thoughtcrimes. Thoughtcrime is covered in this link.

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Forgetfulness Improves Tolerance Praises should be heaped upon forgetfulness. Each of us can enjoy the benefits of merciful forgetfulness. In Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, the utilitarian nature of forgetfulness was hinted at in several passages, sometimes subtly, sometimes as a thesis. Politicians depend on voters forgetting about track records and about inconsistencies. Are we allied with East-Asia or Eurasia? It seems to change so often, it is not clear, anymore. During a four year term of a politician, she may do things that you do not like, but after a few years, you will forget most of those details. Those memories will be buried under a ton a rhetoric that is designed to bore your stiff. A pleasant voice and a pretty face can make up for a dozen forgettable votes on controversial issues. Winston Smith asks himself whether the slums have always been so common. Had life always been so grimey and depressing? Hadn't there been a better era in man's history when families had lived free under the sun, lounging in warm grassy fields? Had cities always been so gray, dark, and oppressive? Memory fails one after a few decades of gradual decline. Incremental impovershment of the spirit is so hard to judge. Has life always had this same quality of trudging from work to home to the shops without hope of a better time? There were a few bad years, but the worst pain is quickly forgotten. Time heals all wounds. This, mercifully, is a trait that most people share. The sharpest pains are the quickest to be forgotten, and the small victories linger with us as a self-supporting personality structure. This helps us to remain sane in a world gradually being honed into a more efficient civilization. The memory hole was used as a trash chute, where Winston Smith worked. Part of Winston's job was to help people to forget. Criminals had all references to their existence removed from the official newspaper databases. Then, it people tried to research „unpersons” , there would be no trace of the facts. As generations pass by, the verbal record will become inaccurate, and forgetfulness will help totalitarian governments to change history, to mold opinions, and to repress dissent. Forgetfulness Improves Tolerance was the title of this section. We can blend this with an Orwellian axiom to get „Carelessness Brings Toughness” . As the huddled billions trudge through the tundra of life, they look forward to the numbness of sleep to completely obliterate what forgetfulness has failed to expunge.

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Morality in Government: Truman's Glory Our civilization is growing.

Advances in many arts and sciences have allowed the population to swell. Several competing continental powers were seen in George's book to struggle with each other in a balance of power. For all of history, people have feared that one empire would come to rule the world. In Nineteen Eighty-Four there was no indication that one power would eventually become dominant, to the contrary, George foresaw a state of equilibrium in which it was wiser to maintain the balance than to have one military achieve the obvious goal of world conquest. After World War Two, there was a time when only one country had atomic bombs. In some fiction book, the plot may have shown us how President Truman used twenty A-Bombs to conquer the world. But he did not do it. Unlike a culture which expands until it consumes all of the food in the Petri dish, our culture has a sense of morality. This is a wise quality for patriots to consider before they claim that „We're number one” ! We could have tried to be number one, but we didn't. Our leaders found it to be wiser to maintain local autonomy after the big one, to let a healing occur in our civilization without the added curse of an ultimate conquest. That wise restrain that Truman used in his situation can also be used by all of us. It would be better for the quality of life for each of us to limit the population size. If we keep being so successful in our conquests of the biosphere, our descendents will live in crowded conditions and without the pleasure of living in a nearly-natural ecological setting. It is our choice today, not Harry Truman's. Will we ride rampant in our victory, trampling the woodlands into desert? Will we homogenize the cultures that oppose the victors? George wrote no, Harry said no, the billions say yes.

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Why Communism Failed : Think Doubly Now

It failed because their economic system de-motivated its workers. Defense spending competition is sometimes cited as THE reason the Soviet Union dissolved. It was not a major reason. Their Communist economic system was just a facade for a brutal military police state. The defense problems of the Soviets were very different from those of the USA. The USA can hide behind the skirts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Russia has greater threats from land than does the USA. That is why they have so many tanks. They learned from history that they were vulnerable. Their defense build-up was only partly due to fear of the NATO countries. Their nuclear build-up was not justified. Their wasteful spending and concentration on military perversions were a small factor in their economic downfall. The most important cause was the destruction of human ambition and joy. People who do not believe that may believe that the communist economic system IS a viable one which could have lasted indefinitely, using their totalitarian control and repression with few harmful effects on their economy. Look at communist China, which is now adopting many capitalist economic techniques and discarding communist ones. They call themselves communists but that is only because they are ashamed to admit they were wrong. They are now capitalists with a dictatorial government.

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Inner Cities Could Use A Government, The Countryside Is Fine Inner cities could use a government to provide toilets. This basic service is lacking in New York City. It is easy to tell : just smell the air at 5 AM before the shopkeepers hose down the sidewalks.

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Greed And Revenge : Two Major Motivators Governments are described in history books as causing great suffering. From the Hittites to Napoleon, greedy empire builders have caused great emotional trauma. The revenge for those crimes goes on today in many countries not populated by immigrants.
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Leaders and Followers : Who Is Responsible, If Anyone?

People naturally turn to someone who they believe is wiser than them. You may have noticed that strangers in a room will usually turn to a sterotypical leader who is older, taller, and more confident-sounding than others. That person will sense that people hope he will provide leadership, and he may take advantage of the natural followers. There is a herd mentality that binds groups of people into a small community that relies on a leader. The leader may be inept, or talented, but usually he feels the respect of the herd and uses their willingness to accomplish goals. In history there have been tragic consequences from this natural tendency. Napoleon, Lenin, Caesar, and hundreds of other leaders have depended on the herd instinct to carry the day. The question is: who is responsible for the wars that leaders have started? The leader or the followers? This author asserts that it is the followers who are most guilty of war-crimes, not the leaders. Each of us has more in common with other people than we have not in common.

Please consider 3 people: You, Ghandi, and Stalin. The author asserts that these 3 people have more in common than not in common. The main difference between You, Stalin, and Ghandi is in the followers. First, You. You have few followers. You have not killed millions, you have not freed millions. Stalin did not kill millions, his followers did. Ghandi did not free millions, his followers freed themselves. The 3 of you sleep, eat, defecate, feel love, anger, pain, and desires. You 3 are so similar that you are interchangeable. If you found yourself in the Kremlin with armed followers seeking supremacy, you would easily be convinced to tell the people what they want to hear. If Ghandi had a cushy job in a rich country, a color TV, and 2.5 children, he would find it easy to be a couch potato. If Stalin were in India, under British oppression, he might consider that non-violent tactics would be most effective. Followers are to blame for every war. They are willing slaves to conformity. Sheep who are afraid to make a peep, unless others will approve. Human beings are evolving into domesticated livestock. The easy living and ample food supply are making us each into weaklings. There is safety in numbers. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down. People like to be on the winning team, even if that team won a continent through mass murder and robbery. There was a time when each person had to carry hur own weight, had to gather hur own vegetables, had to sew hur own tunic. These Neanderthals had larger brains than we have, and they were more capable of self sufficiency than any of us are today. We are now specialized, using money in place of skill and knowledge.

Our culture has gathered the most efficient methods from China, Europe, and Africa and produced modern civilization. A great sharing has occured. East has met west and we have grown rich and lazy. The leaders know they can depend on patriotism to provide cannon fodder for their greedy whims. And so, Big Brother has become an institution. He has many names, but the methods are time proven. You, the followers, are to blame. You, the willing volunteers, the draftees, the tax payers, the welfare parasites, the couch potatoes, the silent majority are to blame for the weakening of our gene pool. What is in store for our descendents after You have abdicated your free will, let you intelligence atrophy, and pledged allegiance to the flag a thousand times by age eight? The human race is in a pitiful state, paralysed by success. Wake up! Make an effort to overcome the herd instinct. Write an essay. Speak in public. Propose sane projects for a cleaner environment. And in the Name of God, please stop making babies who will only step into an overcrowded world of overqualified, redundant patriots. Who is responsible, Leaders or Followers, if anyone? No one is so wise that they know what their social experiments will reap. We are all just children, playing out our roles as we see fit. Some follow the teachings of mystics, some of us lead mobs of wild fools. Nobody is responsible enough to be a leader. Politicians don the cloaks of power, disguising themselves in the familiar garb of leadership: suit and tie, tailored mantles of conformity. They look respectable, they speak slowly and clearly to instill confidence. They are confidence men, con men who are the pretenders to the thrones of power. You are not responsible, as you amble through the years which you are alloted. No more than the leaders are responsible. We are just opportunists, taking what pleasures come our ways as we act out our roles in the grand comedy-tragedy of life. You can write your own script, or read predetermined lines that are time-proven.

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More Proof That George Orwell Was Right

George wrote in his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, about the violent movies shown to the public. Remember the scene where a helicoptor was machine gunning a boat of helpless civilians? His point was that the government was conditioning the public to accept violence as normal and desirable. Big Brother kept his country constantly in a state of war to increase the patriotism of the citizens. This unified the people against a hated enemy, whether it was Eastasia or Eurasia. Damage by spies and betrayals by allies were common themes which were used to keep the populace under psychological control. In the USA today, TV provides the same psychological tools, but to a much greater extent. The author of this tirade is now looking at the TV Guide for September 3 through 9, 1995. It is clear that „Pig TV” is a big hit. And the number of violent shows for viewers of all ages has become a cliche'. Let me list a few : Murder She Wrote, Sirens, America's Most Wanted, Rangers, Deadly Games, Cops, Fighter Ace, Itchy and Scratchy, Star Trek spinoffs, Hawaii Five-Oh!, New York Undercover, Kung Fu, Rifleman, Rio Bravo, Doomsday Gun, Family Matters , 48 Hours, Death Rides A Horse, Guns of Paradise, High Noon, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Virtual Combat, Springfield Rifle, Dying To Love You, How the West Was Won, Joe Kidd, A Fist Full Of Dollars, Skyjacked, Masters of the Universe, The Dark Half, Fail Safe, Hiroshima, Deceptions, The Last Action Hero, The Mouse That Roared, Tall In The Saddle, Wings „Harrier” , Roooster Cogburn, Wild, Wild West, and a host of others. You may have heard that a child will see 40,000 murders by the time he is 12 years old. Today's Pig TV tries to portray police as good people, when usually they are criminals with badges. Rodney King found out, I found out, Mark Fuhrman knows, and you want to forget it. Well too bad. It is true.

A certain kind of person seeks police work : bullies, stupid, violent men, bribe seekers, liars, perjurers, and brutal fascists. Criminals with badges. Have you noticed the roadblocks that pigs set up to „find drunk drivers” . Their main purpose is to enhance the Police State, to make all people grovel. If they wanted drunk drivers, they could wait near bars, liquor stores, and the homes of known drunks. But their main purpose is to enforce a totalitarian police state. They stop you while wearing guns : a clear threat. If you complain, you can be arrested for no reason. They can plant evidence on you and tell the judge-bigot that it was the defendant's. The judge-scum usually believes anything that the police say. If the pig is proven to be a liar, he is not punished. The government has one purpose : to perpetuate government at any cost. Are you skeptical? Imagine the following situation : You are sitting in a park in Hartford, Connecticut called Constitution Plaza. To your right is a young man with long hair. To your left is an old lady with short hair. A policeman comes up and arrests the young man for loitering. The old lady is not questioned. Is this fiction or common bigotry? The latter. This is a true story. Police are human scum. Soldiers are much worse. These are facts in the USA today. Other countries commit similar crimes.

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If You Are A Brave Individualist, Read and Do...

Alright, you are brave, you are an independent thinker, you can buck the system with impunity. Now you can face your worst fears: IN ROOM 101! Room 101 is in MiniLove, O'Brian is waiting for you. Do you dare cross the threshold? Will you regret clicking on the following link? Is there a menace lurking at the end of your phone line? There is only one way to find out. Gird your loins, and click here to enter ROOM 101.

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Number Of Nukes Detonated vs. Remaining Species

If there is a nuclear war in the future, mankind may be wiped out. Even worse, many other species may become extinct. Evolution will be set back after the big one. Our successors will evolve from today's plants and animals. For example, if some small rodents survive, they could take hundreds of millions of years of evolution to surpass our foolishness. A table is given at the end of this tirade which relates the „types of animal and plant species remaining after a major nuclear war” to the „amount of explosives detonated” . To make the explosive forces more understandable, an „equivalent Nagasaki” is defined as 20,000 tons of TNT. That means the Hiroshima bomb is one equivalent Nag. The largest bomb discussed recently is a 100 megaton bomb which is 5000 times as big as the Nagasaki bomb. There are about 21,000 nuclear bombs on earth today. Over 60,000 bombs were built since 1943. They come in various sizes from 5 kiloton to 100 megaton. Since the numbers of bombs of each size are not advertised, I will make some guesses, for your reading pleasure.

Number of bombs for each country Country Number Size Equivalent Nagasakis

__________ ________ ________________ ____________________

USA 8,000 100meg x 5 25,000 10meg x 50 25,000 1meg x 2,000 100,000 100kilo x 5,000 25,000 10kilo x 1,000 500

Russia 5,000 100meg x 5 25,000 10meg x 50 25,000 1meg x 2,000 100,000 100kilo x 2,000 10,000 10kilo x 1,000 500

Kazakstan 2,500 10meg x 20 10,000 1meg x 500 25,000 100kilo x 1,000 5,000 10kilo x 1,000 500

Ukraine 1,500 10meg x 20 2,000 1meg x 100 5,000 100kilo x 400 2,000 10kilo x 1,000 500

England 1,000 10meg x 20 10,000 1meg x 250 12,500 100kilo x 400 2,000 10kilo x 150 75

France 1,000 10meg x 20 10,000 1meg x 250 12,500 100kilo x 400 2,000 10kilo x 150 75

China 1,000 10meg x 5 2,500 1meg x 250 12,500 100kilo x 400 2,000 10kilo x 150 75

Israel 100 10meg x 5 2,500 1meg x 25 1,250 100kilo x 40 200 10kilo x 15 7

India 100 10meg x 5 2,500 1meg x 25 1,250 100kilo x 40 200 10kilo x 15 7

Pakistan* 20 100kilo x 10 50 10kilo x 10 5

Iran* 10 100kilo x 5 25 10kilo x 5 3

South Africa 8 100kilo x 3 15 10kilo x 5 3

Brazil* 9 100kilo x 4 20 10kilo x 5 3

Japan* 8 100kilo x 3 15 10kilo x 5 3

Taiwan* 7 100kilo x 2 10 10kilo x 5 3

Indonesia* 6 100kilo x 1 5 10kilo x 5 3

Egypt* 5 100kilo x 1 5 10kilo x 4 2

Canada* 4 100kilo x 1 5 10kilo x 3 2

Saudi Arabia* 3 100kilo x 1 5 10kilo x 2 1

Argentina* 2 100kilo x 1 5 10kilo x 1 1

Germany* 1 100kilo x 1 5

Iraq* 1 1kilo x 1 1


Totals 21,000 Bombs 500,000 Nags *

The countries with an asterisk are rumored not to have nuclear weapons. Even common sense indicates that Iraq, for example, does not have nukes. But countries of that magnitude are included here because we are not sure what they have. Please send in any corrections you can prove in some way. You can check my figures with this link: A Clickable Map of the World Military Inventories Read a catalog of 1900 known nuclear detonations. Learn to love the bomb. You may wonder how powerful a 100 Megaton bomb is. It is as powerful as 100 million tons of TNT.
If we made the bomb out of TNT, it would fit in a warehouse that covers a square mile and is 150 feet tall. The Great Pyramid of Egypt weighs 4 Megatons, but rock is 3 times as dense as TNT. Therefore, 100 Megatons of TNT would fit in a suitcase that is 75 times as bulky as the Great Pyramid. How far away from that bomb is the minimum safe distance at which to stand when it is detonated? About 150 miles. Now imagine 21,000 locations for bombs to explode. The biggest bombs make a crater 12 miles across and knock down buildings 100 miles away. The area within that zone is 31000 square miles. If 2000 such bombs were evenly spaced, they would cover 61 million square miles. That would be all of the land and part of the oceans. After those big ones go off, the remaining 19,000 smaller ones could follow to kill any hidden plants and animals . Insects underground may not survive. Bacteria living 2000 feet underground probably would survive. That would then take a billion years for life to evolve again to our level of foolishness. I recommend disarmament. We are in a precarious position.

Now that examples have been calculated, we get to the main event : the table of surviving species vs. number of equivalent Nags :

Equivalent Nags Surviving Species (and extinctions)
_______________ _______________________________________________

100 All species survived this early test detonation. 1,000 Previous tests have exceeded this number. Many health problems and species extinctions occured. Cancer rates increased. 10,000 Frogs extinct, plankton dies off, human cancers reduce lifespans. 100,000 Humanity enters the stone age, primates adapt to new realities. 1,000,000 Rats and crabs survive, forests burn, vegetation suffers. 10,000,000 Cockroaches barely survive as the dominant animals. (Lichens extinct). Conclusion for Nuke Section: So get with the program. Wake up and smell the coffee. That's your bell ringing, you have been given the wake-up call : become a pacifist. Advocate disarmament. Speak out for life and against the suicide that our leaders rely upon. Read about other opinions on nuclear weapons. Or go to Todd's Nuclear Homepage. ––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Techno-Thought Crime Is Here Today:

The Cryptography Controversy Thoughtcrime was illegal in George's book. Today, the information industry is faced with vague laws that can crack down on the use of information concepts. As one example of a Techno-ThoughtCrime I will discuss cryptography, but other powerful algorithms used in thinking machines are also banned from public sale. Cryptography is used to make information into a secret code that outsiders cannot understand. It was used in the Roman Empire with code rings like you can get in a Cracker Jacks box. The ring has a wheel on it with two sets of the letters of the alphabet: one on the wheel and one on the ring. A message can be made incomprehensible by looking up letters that line up on the ring, depending on the position of the wheel. The coded message can then be sent by a trusted courier. If the message is intercepted, it cannot be easily read without the ring. A person with a ring must know what rotation to use on the wheel, and then the garbled message can be made readable again. The letters on the ring line up with the letters on the wheel. The recipient then writes down the matched letters and can read the message. Two thousand years after that concept looked smart, cryptographers have made great progress in improving the security of information. And information can be viewed as thoughts. When you understand information you are thinking. If you have deep understanding of cryptography, you better not try to sell it.

Those concepts are regulated in The US Munitions List in the law called 22 CFR 121.1 (CFR is the Code of Federal Regulations). Cryptographic knowledge is regulated in ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations). The US Munitions List is in ITAR. Since encryption algorithms cannot be exported without State Department approval (or the USA Commerce Department) , they should not be distributed on the Web. If they get on the Web, they could be exported electronically. People in other countries already have cryptographic software. The USA is giving up a market segment for American businessmen by disallowing them to participate in that segment. There are some very clever software products that could be used for privacy and identity authentication, but civilians are not allowed to freely use those benefits. Big Brother wants to intercept messages and be able read them. What if a crime is being coordinated in coded messages? The thought police can get a warrant to raid people, only justified by their use of cryptography. You see, the government is not smart enough to crack the codes. They do not want intelligent algorithms to make them become stupid.
The „intelligence community” wants to ban smart thought processes so they can remain the smartest. They are using laws to suppress human knowledge which cannot be completely suppressed. It is overflowing the bounds set by laws. Cryptography will be legalized soon. A wave of upgrades in computer software modules will put an infrastructure of certainty and privacy into the public's hands. Since the above essay was written, the government has made it easier to sell cryptographic products. Rational minds have prevailed, as Clinton's Order explains in the link given above. This executive order recognizes that foreign encryption products make any US export controls impotent. However, it requires a key-recovery mechanism, so the government can read any coded messages. This is Big Brother invading the privacy of honest citizens so they might catch some criminals who cannot disguise their coded messages. It is possible for criminals to encrypt their messages, and then camouflage the secrets so that the G-Men cannot even tell there are secret codes. Here are two examples of how that can be done: Example #1 An image using the .jpg or .gif formats can be used to hold secret messages. Two people can send private messages without using cryptographic algorithms, but instead they use graphics software like Lview or Photoshop.

The secret key is a list of image changes, such as the following: increase brightness 3 steps, decrease contrast 5 steps, blur by 1 step, decrease RED by 2 steps. Both people know these steps to follow and both have the same version of the graphics software. The sender takes a reference image from a website, uses the agreed upon steps, and changes a few scattered bits across the image to encode the private message. This altered image is sent to the second person. This person gets the reference image from the website, modifies it with the agreed upon steps, and compares this image with the one sent by the sender. This comparison of image file bytes will reveal the private message. An eaves-dropper who does not know the secret „key” graphics steps will not be able to extract the private message. Example #2 A secret message is encrypted into a dilute form. The codes are mapped into computer instructions to make an executable file (.exe file). For example the letter „z” would become a computer instruction called „move a to b” . Each letter of the coded alphabet is translated into a common pentium computer instruction. All of the instructions are put in part of a file that is a real computer program. The entire program can then be called something like: wordstar.exe ! If a G-Man runs the program, it is a Trojan Horse program that looks like a lousy word processor with a lot of options. It has so many options that the G-Man loses interest in trying them all, and so, not all of the instructions will be used. The secret codes will not be used, or if they are used, they perform useless functions that do not effect the results. When a ThoughtCriminal receives the Trojan Horse executable, he knows the secret key that points to the secret coded sections in the fake word processor program. His software then translates the diluted instructions into the plaintext secret ThoughtCrime message.

Conclusion of Techo-ThoughtCrime Section These two examples only illustrate that there are easy counter-measures to any government measures to try to control knowledge. The author of this web-page has several other more subtle techniques that make government-approved cryptography obsolete. Common cryptographic software uses only compact coding, while diluted coding is more difficult to detect and decode. The government is not smart enough to prevent information technology from blooming. All they can do is make a law that is easy to break with impunity. Technologists can create cryptographic methods, so powerful, that laws are impotent to stop anyone but the law-abiding citizen. As often happens with government involvement in technology, by the time a law is put in effect, the legal technology is obsolete and has been superceded by a more advanced technology which is not covered by that law. They cannot stop thoughts, although they try.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Concluding On A Positive Note Life goes on ... with or without government. The greatness of a nation is not determined by a government but by the talents of its people. There are a million things to criticize in this world but it is more difficult to be productive and creative. Each person is responsible for hur own attitude. I recommend that people try to make a better world, not through guns and landmines but through forgiveness, generosity, and creativity. Click Here To Return To The Newspeak and Doublethink Homepage Click Here To Download a Virus That Will Slow Down Your Computer by 21% and Return To The Newspeak and Doublethink Homepage ––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRUST . Trust will bring peace. ––– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This second page was updated on December, 1997 by Me, your virtual Goldstein since August 19, 1995.

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„Knowledge brings trust.
Trust will bring peace.
Peace brings prosperity.
Prosperity brings apathy.
Apathy reduces knowledge.” AF

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